How can you help?

Are you wanting to help with RAGBRAI’s  Sigourney?  We are in need of volunteers and would love to have you! 

Here are some examples of committees and the tasks volunteers would be helping with:

Hospitality:  volunteers are needed to make sure our guests receive a warm small town Iowa greeting upon their arrival and an enthusiastic farewell as they depart. Hospitality volunteers will also decorate the town and carry out the theme.

Beverage Garden:  We are looking for volunteers to help with checking IDs at the entrance and exit points of the beverage garden as well as serving inside designated areas.

Information Center:  We are looking for volunteers to cover all of the information booths to answer questions, direct riders where to go and location of vending, entertainment, etc.

Sanitation:  We are looking for individuals, organizations and/or committees to help keep campgrounds and the square clean.   


Ready to volunteer?  Please fill out the form below and we'll contact you after we've made a master volunteer list. 








Volunteer Sign-up Form

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Please indicate here if there is any particular committee or job you may have special skills that would set you apart from other volunteers and a brief explanation. (ex: I am a retired restaurant owner and would love to help with food service.)
Please indicate what dates and times you would be available and willing to volunteer. (check all that apply) Riders will arrive mid-morning on Thursday, July 26, but volunteers are needed the day before and day after RAGBRAI as well.